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The M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art is an overview of contemporary art which will be held every two years in East Finland. Its name is an acronym of the Finnish words mitä (what) and itä (east). The exhibition concept was created in association with Arts Promotion Centre Finland and its production is a collaboration between art museums of Kuopio, Mikkeli and Joensuu, with different professional curators for the individual exhibitions.

The biennale displays the contemporary art of the region, giving East Finnish artists visibility and improving their opportunities for work. Its aim is to help make East Finland an appealing environment in which visual artists can operate, invite other artists to co-create with East Finnish artists, support the professional development of artists and improve dialogue between different actors in the field of the arts.

The M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art showcases the wide range and high standards of professional artists of East Finland. The artists of the biennales are chosen separately for each exhibition through a thoroughly prepared selection process. Each biennale features a carefully chosen selection of artists representing various sectors of art in the region. The biennale process includes support for the work of artists in preparing for the exhibition, networking and making use of the exhibition while it is open to the public.

Joensuu biennale dates are 13 May–17 September 2023. The first M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art was on show at the Kuopio Art Museum in the autumn of 2019. The second one was organised in 2021 in Mikkeli. More information of the biennale 2023 at Joensuu Art Museum.

Saastamoinen Foundation is supporting the production of M_itä? Biennalle.