Riitta Turunen & Outi Särkikoski

Riitta Turunen and Outi Särkikoski studied at the University of Art and Design and have developed several public artworks. Their approach is material-oriented, and together they have had several exhibitions of textiles and ceramics. Comme les Careliéns is their first artwork as a team. A textile artist and a visual artist with sewing skills have used craft techniques with a contemporary art approach.  The textile installation Comme les Caréliens is a tribute to the craftsmanship of  Karelian women. As Riitta and Outi describe the work –“our grandmothers' linen and laces, our mothers' embroideries, our own contemporary weaving and sewing form the costume which is  influenced by Finno-Ugric folk costumes, layered kimono dresses and Comme des Garçons designs.”