Emma Fält (b.1983)

Emma Fält is an artist from Kuopio, who graduated from Aalto University in 2014. She works in multidisciplinary projects with drawing, performance and live art as well as with the syntheses between a workshop and a performance. Her artworks involve listening, dialogue, working together and contact with the world.

“The foundation of my work is the sound- and motion-based experience of drawing. Drawing is examined on the one hand as a tool for bodily listening and on the other as an independent act and experience through which we can study and create reality. My passion is to generate dialogue and work together with people from different sectors.”

The artwork for the M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art was created in cooperation with the dancer, choreographer Anna-Maria Väisänen. The artists are connected by a workshop that makes the viewer an active participant in the creation of an artwork. The starting point is the dream of a world in which people have understood the importance of sharing and based on that, have solved the threat of catastrophes. The work challenges the viewer to imagine what the world could be like and to simultaneously consider the future of a familiar environment. The shared moments and the thoughts they have created are put together as a sound and drawing installation, which presents the Mikkeli of our dreams.


Photo: Harri Heinonen