Tarja Wallius (b.1959)

Tarja Wallius is a Kuopio-based textile and visual artist, who graduated from the Kuopio Academy of Crafts and Design in 1992. In many of her artworks, Wallius explores the observations and experiences she has gained on her numerous trips to Africa. Her art is based on themes such as relationships between people, being a woman, environmental issues and criticism towards the ever-increasing consumption. Socio-political themes are also important to her. Her artworks are made from recycled materials, and she uses craft techniques including weaving and sewing by hand.

Mikkeli Art Museum presents the Sea of Love installation from her. The artwork poses the idea of whether the world could drown in love instead of rubbish. Simo Horsmanheimo participated in designing and implementing the soundscape for the installation.

“The Sea of Love installation consists of a large pool of almost 200 heart-shaped cushions – the same number as there are independent countries in the world. You can immerse in the Sea of Love to calm down and enjoy the different sounds of water and love.”

The artist has received funding from the City of Kuopio.


Photo: Harri Heinonen